• Current Research: Recrafting Mathematics Education

    The Recrafting Mathematics Education project, funded by the National Science Foundation (DRL #1420488), explores the mathematics of textile craft, with the goal of designing learning spaces that engages students in mathematical reasoning. This project, is a collaboration with Kylie Peppler and Indiana University’s Creativity Lab. The goal in exploring textile craft comes from the desire to better understand mathematical contexts that attract and maintain women’s interest and engagement, with the goal of designing learning environments for youth that might attract and sustain interest. In this way, this project is concerned with the “mathematics pipeline,” but rather than focusing on how to change women so that they might persist in mathematics, we consider how to change mathematics teaching so that it is more attractive. Textile craft is richly mathematical, and, equally importantly, engages mathematical ideas that span from early counting through representations of hyperbolic space.

  • Explore: Thinking mathematically through craft

    In this project, we seek to better understand how students reason about mathematics through the process of design (rather than creating models of mathematical ideas, another popular use of craft and math). Through this effort, we explore how student reasoning about mathematics is embodied through their activity, and whether and how students come to understand mathematics differently through this activity. Examples that we have worked through involve exploring factors and multiples through planning for size using stitch and row gauge, using proportion to generate matching squares across yarns, textures, and patterns, and using mathematical problem solving to resolve color work and striping challenges.

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    Girls Knit Their Way to a Math Career - Bright

    International Women's Day In the basement of the North Branch Library in Nashville, Tenn., on a recent Saturday, you could hear alternating murmurs of excitement and exasperation over the soft clicking of needles. A small group of kids were learning how to knit.

  • Findings and Publications

    Our work to date has focused primarily on what we observe adults thinking about when engaged in textile work; we are currently investigating and writing about student learning through these textile activities.

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